About Me


My name is Emma.
I'm 23, and I live in Florida.

I'm not going to label this blog, which is a word I hate by the way.  The word blogging sends me back to the 90's, when it first became popular, at least popular enough that as a child I was aware of it and would mock those yuppies typing away in a Starbucks.

This will contain (oh forewarned, I love a parenthesis, and a semi colon) anything I feel like, which is not limited to: makeup, all things tv, Netflix, endless complaining, and the never ending quest to eat all day/night long.  Oh another thing, the forward facing "/" slash is my best friend. Don't even get me started on "". I'm ashamed to admit I still air quote. I can't find another way to emphasize my sarcasm.

The amount of people that actually read this, will include myself. And I'm assuming that's it.
But if you do, say hi! I'm always down to talk about anything and everything.